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    Latest PODIAG or KADIAG SW needed to swap an EMM

    Hi All,

    new here - many thanks for all the help thus far - has been a lifesaver. I've got a Kawasaki 1100 STX DI - the EMM died, DFI could not repair, bought a replacement on ebay and need to map the injectors from old EMM to new EMM.

    I have Kadiag 1.3 (confirmed as latest version from kawasaki - is this true?)
    I have Podiag 2.0

    I get same results with both programs - I can communicate with my original EMM (2000) but can not communicate with the "new" EMM - I don't know what year it is but from the part number must be 2001-2003. Kadiag and Podiag both respond with "software update required to access this EMM"

    I need to map over the injectors as well as verify condition of EMM/codes/hours/etc. I'll need it for future work as well.

    Can anybody help me out here with a newer version?


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    Did you ever get anywhere with this? I am in the same boat.

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