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    tightening ibr bolts help

    hey all i need some help with my ibr bolts. i just rebuilt my jet pump. i unbolted the throttle side bolts on the ibr gate how ever i could only get one bolt out the other just kept spinning. i managed to get the pump out and rebuilt but now that i assembled it i cant get these bolts to tighten up the just spin. if i use a mirror and look inside the hull i don't see any nuts i see some plastic star looking thing. does anyone know how to tighten these?

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    The bolts don't fully tighten they just snug up, if it is spinning you are turning the nut inside the plastic holder and they may not come out next time,the only ones that tighten are the actual bolts that hold the turning mechanism

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    ok they are just spinning. can i just leave them or do i have to go inside the hull and try and hold the nut side some how?

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    You will have to break the "fixing plates" off to remove them and replace them..There is a very low torque spec for these bolts. You cant just crank them down tight.

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    yeah they are torqued to 14 nm however i never even got them even close to that. the fixing plates you refer to is the plastic star like things inside the hull?

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