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    04 RXP MPEM in a 05 RXP

    Anyone ever try to put a older 04 RXP MPEM into a older 05 RXP? Seadoo supercedes the part #s to the same now. There must be a way of dealing with the TOPS switch. 04 two wire mercury switch to a 05 three wire mechaninical switch.

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    The MPEM's should work the same in 04-05's

    Not sure on the tops switch.
    I know they installed a resistor in the 05' engine harnesses for the knock sensor.

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    They seem not too, I've tried two 04s and one 03 in the 05. A TOPS switch fault comes up and check engine display. The fault is the switch itself not the valve. Has something to do with the wiring. Seadoo must have done something to rectify this with the new MPEMs. Has nothing to do with the add on knock sensor in the 04 engine harness or the built in knock sensor on the 05 engine harness. Seadoo also supercedes the wire harness of a 04 RXP to a 05 harness now. Something must be still done with the TOPS switch configuration. The switches do not mount in the same position on the MPEM bracket either. Its interesting.

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    The 1st few years of 4 tecs doo did a lot of changing around of different components. They were still trying to figure out what works best.

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