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    66v crankshaft bearing replacement, please advise

    i have 2 OEM 66v cranks. Both bad, but in different areas. The lesser bad one, is only bad because of a bad bearing by the rear end shaft where the 2 seals are. Ill be pulling that bearing off with a bearing separator!

    as for pressing it on, would this be the correct method to do so?

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    The heat freeze method should work but they may not just drop on like the video. I use a pvc or copper pipe just slightly larger than the shaft to "tap" the bearing into place if it doesn't slide on. (have one handy just in case). The pipe should only contact in inner part of the bearing and not the moving parts. The bearing separator might move the bearing away from the web but I'm not sure if you can get it completely off without a press though. I bought a cheap hydrolic press from Harbor freight a number of years ago but the challenge is always to find the right size plates and sleeves to put the pressure on the right part of the assembly. I usually get a legit machine shop to do my high precision items since they have the right stuff and it doesn't cost much for bearing replacement.

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