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Thread: Dang, It's Cold

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    Dang, It's Cold

    With windy conditions, lows in the teens and highs in the twenties I have not had the chance to get out on the water and fish. I like it to be at least above freezing on the jet ski. We actually had some snow here in Poquoson, a whopping 2 inches maybe, which freaks people out and closes most government related activities and some private.

    I bundled up in my Mustang Survival suit ( they work great for cold weather) and wandered around my yard, it was only 15 degrees but I was warm.

    Most of the pictures I take are of the Bald Eagles this time of year but yesterday I took some pictures of the little birds and wood peckers as well.

    Looking forward to getting back on the water soon!

    Here are a couple pictures from my "Back Yard Photo Walk"

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    Nice pictures.
    Now drop another 30 or 35 degrees and you will know cold like we have today.

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    I concur. Not cold enough here to keep us off the water, but we have a couple hundred animals to keep warm and involves staying up all night, between that and normal work loads any free time is used for sleeping. We been having an unusual run of multiple nights near freezing for a couple weeks now, and more coming.

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