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    Kawasaki 15F

    Hey was up. Im just trying to clarify something with Riva's supercharged kit. Is it a complete racing craft or is it just a kit. Reason why im so confused is becuase of this. It describes it as complete craft as if thats how they sell it. Also, if I was to purchase a 15f stock. what would be some cheap and easy mods to get it up to 70mph? Thanks, Jordan

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    from my expierience and testing i was able to get averages in the low to mid 69 range. this was done with my intake, exhaust, timing advanced 4', ride plate, 14/21 impeller and alittle more TLC

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    How did it affect the ride when you flushed the ride plate?

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    when i say tlc its fixing the small details sometimes overlooked. like for instants my r&d ride plate protruded about a 1/4"-3/16" from my hull. took out the grinder and made it flush then polished. bolt holes filled ect. just the ride plate "fixing" gained me speed. as for handling i didnt notice much difference. one thing i did notice is it got out of the water even quicker then with the ride plate alone. however i also did some other mods during that time so im not sure if the ride plate mods made that complete effect

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