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    Can't seem to get correct oil level!

    Just finished 05 RXP rebuild, but cant get accurate oil level reading.
    It should hold about 4.5 liters, I put in 1 gallon(Seadoo Service Oil Kit)
    I do the procedure i the manual, but just cant get it right......

    Could this have to do with me using an 06 head (with 05 Rocker arm shaft)


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    So your starting and letting idle on flat ground or in water for 30secs.
    Waiting a minimum of 30secs and then checking?

    I usually do the check 3times and avrage out the results. I also look at both sides of the dip stick.

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    start the engine let it run for no more than 30 seconds.. (No water)

    let it sit for 10+ min.. then check oil level.. make sure ski is on a level surface and level on the trailer..

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    YA! Its on a stand 100% level. ran on hose & without. Did all the procedures on manual
    & on GH. I used the Sea Doo service kit which comes with 1 gallon. I know there is plenty of
    oil, but when I let it sit, there's only about 10mm from the bottom of the stick.
    Maybe one of my oil pumps is bad???????

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    This engines take 4.5 quarts after rebuilts approx.

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