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    Big pin 750 ebox on a small pin motor?

    My small pin ebox has seen better days, and a local has a really nice looking ebox from a big pin. Are they interchangeable without damaging the small pin motor? Small pin stator ok? Will timing get advanced and will max rpm increase?

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    As long as you don't have a timing advance plate it will be a good swap. Big pin electronics have advanced timing and higher rev limit. This is a mod many do

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    I ended up using the stock 650 flywheel and electronics for the 750 swap. It worked nicely because 1 - the X2 I got is in prestine condition with excellent electronics. 2 - Everything fit stock-like a glove. 3 - Lighter flywheel by ~3 lb. 4. No rev limiter that I know of. 5 More advanced timing curve than 750 sp motor.

    My 750 swapped X2 is almost ready for test run - just awaiting flame arrester adapters and hope fitment is good.

    I'm still deciding what to do for prop.

    Thank you

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