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    Exclamation I bought a 260x with "issues" and have some questions for everyone! Please HELP!!

    I have been lurking around the forums for a few weeks and searching a LOT! My dad had a 2007 Ultra 250x that he bought new and only kept for about 2 years. He did the basic service to it but nothing else. He always told me how amazing it was but I never had a chance to ride it (he lives on the other side of the country). He sold it to buy other “toys”.


    My background is with modifying high performance exotic automobiles (sounds cool but does not pay a lot). I am confident with the mechanical end of things and have a lot of friends who can work on marine fiberglass. I have had several stand-up skis in the past as well as a few 2-stroke sit-downs.

    I was at an insurance auction about a month ago and ended up going home with a 2010 Ultra 260x (no trailer). I did not know ANYTHING about these Skis (other than they are fast)! The opening bid was very low and no one was bidding on it. It had hit something and had a hole in the bottom of the hull. It had sunk (salt water of course) but was recovered within an hour. I ended up winning it and I had a friend with a trailer get it to my house. After I purchased it, I found that it did not have any keys. This was disclosed in the auction but i did not pay attention to it. I did not have any clue how expensive the missing keys would be. I assumed it would be $100... WHOOPS! lol.

    I have tracked down a digital service manual for a 250x. I was able to power-up the dash with the test procedure in the manual and I know that the ski has 99 hours on it. This ski had sat for a very short amount of time with salt water in the whole hull, engine, etc. . The fuel tank was full of fuel but did not have ANY water in it. It did have "milky" oil in the engine. I also found the supercharger spun "free" but has 1 peeling rotor. I have stripped the hull down completely (mechanically). When I removed the engine, I removed the valve cover, oil-pan, and oil pump. The engine appears to have been well maintained and does not have any "varnish" or other discolorations in it. The oil pump looks to be in great condition internally. The rods were all tight and not "blue" (I was afraid it may have been blown-up and then sunk for insurance money). I also cut the oil filter open and inspected it for metal. It looked good other than the milky oil. I disassembled the oil-cooler and cleaned that as well. I reassembled everything, replaced the oil filter, and filled the engine with fresh oil. I flushed everything out and used WD-40 everywhere! I did notice some light rust on the intake valves and there is some light pitting on the stems. I cranked it over without the plugs until I saw clean oil on the cams. I have not run it due to missing keys. I have done a leak-down on it and everything is at 4% or less (cold). I also did a compression test on it and found that everything is within 5 psi (cold again). I do feel OK about the condition of the engine at this point. I am having the hull professionally repaired at a marine fiberglass shop (friend owes me a favor). The pump looks great and the bearings feel good. The impeller has the typical minor dings on the leading edges but nothing major. I will be able to smooth them with a light hand-file. I have not had a chance to measure the clearance on it yet. The main issues are with the hull and the engine at this point.

    It was VERY cheap but I am learning that these are not cheap to fix! I bought this ski with the intent of keeping it for myself for a year or two but did not expect to be putting so much money into it. My wife is not happy with the amount of money I am looking at spending on this ski and wants it sold soon with as little money in it as possible! I know i will talk her into letting me keep it if i can get the cost down to as little as possible and that is where i need help!

    I am sure I could get it running as-is (once I get the keys figured out) but I would like to fix a few issues and make it "right" while it is apart. I am hoping for some help and guidance in the right direction. Below is a list of issues that I need help with. I also do not know if there is anything else that I should be looking at or concerned about on this ski. I am interested in the used/take-off parts. I have checked ebay and some of these are not readily available.

    1. Oil temp sensor is broken.

    It is the same as the sensor in the exhaust manifold (according to the Kawasaki part number). When the ski hit a rock and sank, they managed to break the sensor and dipstick tube. I have fixed the dipstick tube but need to replace the sensor.

    2. Does anyone who can unlock the stock ECU when the keys are missing? I already have bought new keys because I will need them either way. (I have read the forum posts on these issues)

    I had found a guy who claimed he could unlock the ECU but when I was about to send it to him, he said that he thought it was a different ECU (Denso vs. Mitsubishi) and could not unlock it. Also, I am not interested in putting a MoTeC on it! But I would not mind talking to someone who has a 260x running a MoTeC who has the stock ECU and matching key(s) available.

    3. Where can I get the supercharger rotors re-coated?

    I have spoken to both of the guys offering the service on ebay but did not know if anyone has had any luck with them. I also have spoken with a few automotive supercharger repair facilities and they are unable to re-coat them due to the “excessive” thickness of the coating. I would like to have the bearings and any seals replaced while in there.

    4. Does anyone know where I can find a good set of used stock intake valves?

    I know I will have to re-shim the intake valves and I am also planning on replacing the seals if I do get that far. The pitting on the valve stems in not huge. But, they are pitted and these stems are tiny! With the RPM these motors turn, I do not want to take a chance. With my luck, it will drop a valve within the first week of running and my wife will be "less than happy" with me for not selling it when I first got it running. I also would not mind finding an excuse to take the head off to clean out the water passages after seeing what was trapped in the oil cooler and exhaust manifold! I am not going to buy a new head-gasket unless I am also going to be putting intake valves and seals in while it is off. How effective is the freshwater flushing port? Does it do a good job at flushing sediment from the engine?

    5. I need a stock ride-plate.

    The one that was on it is bent slightly and does not sit "flush" on one corner at the front (by the pump intake). When I removed it I saw the mounting points in the hull are still intact and undamaged. It almost looks like it was damaged while it was off the ski (run over stepped on?). I do not want to "draw it down" with the bolts and risk pulling a threaded insert out of the hull.

    I do not have a ton of money to spend on this and some of the items I need are items that people replace when modifying their ski anyway. The less I spend, the better my chances of keeping it are! Any help and guidance that I can get with this project would be great!!

    Thanks to everyone in advance!

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    I hope you are prepared to spend 3k straight up

    Charger cant be coated..... $1800 new
    Ecu needs replacing to get keys sorted $650
    Zx10 valve set approximately $400
    Engine gaskets and required items for assembly $750
    Pump needs updating $300
    Prop $200
    Hull repairs $700 app
    ISC motor ( idle speed ) $ 100
    cable that are going to rust up due to sinking $ 250
    This above is a 99% you will be doing + sadly alot more.

    But it will keep u busy and broke

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    Can you post some pics of the ski?
    Also your list of issues didn't include the "hole" in the hull.
    Is it already fixed or what's the plan?

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    would be better off parting out

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    I hope you got it really cheap.

    From everthing your looking at replacing I'd say buy a running 260 and use this 1 for spare parts.

    Chances are if you fix this 1 other stuff on it is going to break due to it sinking in salt water.
    Just my .02

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    Thanks for the fast responses!

    I was really thinking about parting it out but I also don't want to "admit defeat" by doing that. I also am still into this ski for a VERY small amount of money. Worst case, I fix EVERYTHING with NEW parts (including supercharger) and then sell it this spring, I will still make a little money based on recent prices for skis that actually "sold" on ebay. But if I could afford a "running 260", I would have bought a "running 260" lol.... I just really want to ride it and enjoy it for a while and I am confident I can fix it if I can stay on budget and i can only do that if I can find some used (but good) parts.

    The hole is being addressed by my friend who works at the marine fiberglass shop. He has done several skis before that were far worse than this one. I was going to do it myself and then realized I was in way over my head!! I have attached a picture of the bottom. The hole is towards the rear of the "rash". You can see the oil residue from the broken dipstick tube. It had soaked into the broken glass matting. My friend said this will all be ground out and rebuilt. Thankfully he has a 250x in his shop that he will verify the shape of the hull with.

    Are the intake valves in this ski really weak? I am surprised that they corrode as easily as they do given that they are expected to be used in a marine environment.
    I have priced out new Intake Valves + Seals + 8 Shims (worst case) and they are around $250.00 + $100 for a new head-gasket. That is why i was looking for a good used set from someone who might have had a pump fail and take the engine out or someone who is building their engine and putting in SS valves.

    Intake and exhaust gaskets to reassemble the engine are around $100.00. I will reuse the "soft seals" where I can (within reason). Example: The valve cover gasket is still very soft and reusable. Also, I measured the clearance between the oil pick-up and the bottom of the oil pan, I am comfortable using a small bead of sealant on the pan instead of a gasket (like most modern cars). However the exhaust gaskets are ported and I personally prefer using actual gaskets on the intake (even small amounts of sealant can extrude into the air-flow path but gaskets don't).

    I have emailed with one guy who is on ebay offering to rebuild these superchargers. In an email he said that he will guarantee the coating and performance of a rebuilt supercharger for 1 year. He also stated that he has done several of these over the past few years and has not seen one come back yet. He is charging around $500 for new bearings, coating both rotors, labor, and fresh oil. I thought that sounded like a great deal compared to the price of a new unit. That is why i was asking for feedback from anyone who may have tried this already.

    I thought 2010 had the updated pump already. I know there is a more recent version with the retaining nut in it but that would just be a ($100) shaft change, wouldn't it?

    How do most of the tuning companies upload a tune on the ECU? I do not know how the process works but I assume that you do not have to send keys when you send the ECU to be flashed or do you? Do they have to unlock it to have it power up so it can be flashed? I am not opposed to buying a new ECU if that is my only option but i have recently located another company that is willing to try and unlock it if I send them the ECU and new keys for $350. They claim to have done these Skis before. They will not charge me and pay return shipping if they cant unlock it. Worst case, I am out $10 for shipping to them. If they are successful, I will be more than happy to share the info here!

    I am doing everything to keep this as cheap as possible yet also make it reliable!

    If anyone has any of these parts, feel free to send me a PM!!

    Thanks again guys!!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I would not waste my time on it, part it out and get a left over 300X for 10000$ or less.
    Sinking ski or boat always get in trouble one day ( unless it was treated correctly after sinking... but still... )

    BUT, if you are patient and find cheap part from left to right, it should do the job!

    Good Luck!

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    That Hull looks pretty banged up. I friend of mine has a 2007 250x that he may want to part out (I think you need a new Hull). Where do you live? JB

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    I did not have a ski in my plans... but this one fell into my lap and I really want to enjoy it. If i sell it (or part it out) I will not be getting another one for a long time.....

    I have time to fix it.... and I am now looking hard for parts!

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    I updated my profile with my location.

    Sorry I overlooked that part.....

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