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    New to me 05 rxp

    Hey guys. I just bought an 05 rxp and I'm looking for some advice. The ski has been sitting for an undetermined amount of time. The steering and reverse cables were locked up so I'm going to replace them. The valves have not been replaced so I also plan on pulling the head to take care of that. I also plan on rebuilding the supercharger. Other than these things I have had issues with the hardware holding the grab rail and steering column to the ski breaking. I am going to replace all of the hardware that I an find broken but I find it odd that stainless steel would just crumble like these are. Is this common? Is there anything else that I may need to go over before I put her back together?

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    1st thing I would check is the s/c. If it had ceramic clutch washer failure then your going to need to doooo a lot more work to it. Pull the s/c and post pics of the washers and somebody on here can tell if there ceramic and if they are all still there.
    Why was it left sitting?? What broke ??

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    When you pull the head, change out the oiler and put in the updated one and the flywheel bolts too.

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    As far as I know the charger has the ceramic washers and it's never been rebuilt. That's why I am going to take care of that with a full rebuild. Also as far as I know there was no issues with the machine. The owner traded it in on a new ski. It starts right up and sounds good but I'm very hesitant to run it from all of the horror stories I have been reading about the washers and valves. Thank you rxpindy the flywheel bolts are now on my list as well as the oiler mod.

    Anyone have any issues with the exterior bolts breaking? Is it possible that sitting outside for extended periods could have caused that?

    Wot I will post pictures of the charger when I pull it. Thank you.

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    The only time i've seen broken steering bolts is from skis that have seen a lot of wave jumping.
    Don't even crank it again if you think it still has ceramic clutch washers on the s/c. Once they break its a whole new ball game including pulling the motor...
    Post pics of the s/c once you pull it. There is a stickey on s/c removal.

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    I will not crank it up again. Thank you for the warning. I was planning on pulling the engine to pull the head off. I saw a post from someone who said it was much easier that way. Any truth to that?

    The ski may have been used to jump waves I'm not sure. Honestly the bolts broke right at the bottom. More like rusted through. Almost like the bolt was made out of pot metal.

    I will read the supercharger sticky and pull it in the next few days. Pics will follow.

    Where would be a good place to find a service manual? Just to help with the specs and procedures.

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    My preference is to pull the head while the engine is bolted down. Just unbolt the intake manifold and undo the basic wires, etc and lay the intake manifold in the foot well with fuel line still attached. Disconnect the exhaust/waterbox from the exhaust manifold, but leave the exhaust manifold on. Disconnect the cooling lines to the exhaust, etc, then undo all the bolts, cam gear bolts, etc and pull the head.

    The head bolts take quite a bit of torque to remove, so for me it seems easier to do this while the block is in and bolted down.

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    Looks like the washers at the end are ceramic.

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    The ones at the end are the spring washers, the ceramics are beside the gear. Like this...
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	20140126_161114.jpg 
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    This would appear to be the original... A whole rebuild kit is in order, it will update it to the 08+ shaft.

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