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    Best Offshore Crossover Athlete?

    Who would make the best crossover athlete for offshore racing. MX racer, Desert Racer, Road Racer, Snow X Racer or Powerboat Racer?

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    I would think Powerboat racer and for a few reasons ..

    1) Having the experience on water at high speeds and has learned how to read the waves .rollers ,turbulence that only hours riding on rough water can do

    2) knowing how to set up the boat though different from a jet ski for example trim settings, prop pitch for rpms etc...

    But if the Powerboater is out of shape or simply to old to handle rough water conditions..then all bets are off

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    I do believe my career as a licensed captain has helped me tremendously. As Dave said I am constantly reading the water. As far as setting up though it is completely different between a ski and boat. I have my offshore fishing boat which runs at a very good speed and it is completely different how I approach the different conditions with each. I feel the other sport that would assist an offshore racer is an avid quad or snowmobile rider. While I don't ride snow mobile down here I spend lots of time on my quad. The wide stance and needing to really control that weight in the air for a good landing is almost the same as on a ski.
    Combine those attributes and I feel that would make an offshore champion. At least from a crossover aspect. I use my quad quite a bit for my training.

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    I would say Jeff Gordon

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    Definitely mx racer. The training alone would be enough, couple that with the competitive drive, ability to read the course and changing conditions at speed, and a fearless mindset.

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    I would think a desert racer, reading different and changing terrain and the high fitness levels.

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    Wow I felt I had to chime in here ... I raced dirt bikes motocross for years when I wore a younger mans clothes ... I felt the constant bumps, turns, jumps and shear speed really help me understand what it takes to ride CC . I have to admit though, my knees are not what they used to be. But my experience tells me that racing skis CC is still very demanding & must still be quick & fearless to be competitive with all the 20 somethings I have encountered. Ha Ha

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    Desert/MX racer for sure. Same deal only the dirt moves.
    It says best for offshore racer. Endurance, stamina, grip, cardio, etc. LB2Cat you have to hang on for one hour!

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    Riding a motorcycle in any environment requires that you pay attention. Offshore riding requires alot of attention too. My friend Mark Gerner recently bought a Dual Sport motorcycle; and I think this has made him an even better Offshore Rider (and he was good already). JB

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    I come from motorbike enduro racing, ever changing terrain and courses, no time for being lapse and always looking way way ahead. Same as forever changing water conditions.

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