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    Yamaha FZR Hull - Epoxy Resin

    Hi Boys/Girls,

    I want to make some minor repairs to my FZR hull, and want to buy some waterproof epoxy resin.

    I am from Sydney Australia, can someone let me know where I can buy some waterproof epoxy resin?

    Plenty of places sell epoxy resin but I am after the water-poof version to use on the bottom of the hull.

    Thanks in advance

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    Best bet would be to get onto west systems they are the manufacturers of most resins and fibreglassing products.

    I dare say you could probably get a surfboard repair kit and use what you need, there's a lot of fibreglass hobby suppliers around.

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    Don't use fiberglass repair methods marine TeX works for small damage six 10 works well there are other west system methods that use epoxy,hardner, and a sand able filler
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    Thanks for the info guys

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