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    no high end power on triple pipe GP1200

    Didn't get any replies in the old school forum....but its on the edge of old school 99 Riva Gp1200r Triple pipe. Yes 65U engine. Riva made 50 of these skis even less with triple pipe. I finally got this one back together after I bought it non-running.The mid pipe on the triple pipes is a real pain to tighten down but I used t-bar clamps on all of it so hopefully it will stay together for a while.

    It idled fine and mid range was very punchy but when I finally gave it full throttle it just fell on its face. It was as if I hit the kill switch. It kept running after it went back down to a mid range again.

    I added half a turn on the high end screw to enrichen the mixture and it got worse. So I am thinking it was too rich. I will try and lean it out the next time I go I ran out of daylight before I could really get to tuning it.

    I never had a ski act so dramatic over a rich condition before. Could it be anything else?

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    bad vacuum. what are you running for a tune? triple pipes have to be adjusted for weather every time u are out. and last thing you want is to lean it out... make sure to use highest grade fuel possible. Sunoco sells 97 octane.

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    I agree sounds like a air leak somewhere, I assume you rebuilt the carbs?

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    I would also pressure test the pipes. An internal water leak can cause some damage in a hurry

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