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    2006 yamaha vx110 Deluxe

    New to the forum not sure if this is the right section but. I bought a 2006 yamaha vx110 Deluxe Water got into the motor it sat for a few months threw the winter so it locked up i took it apart cleaned the cylinders honed them out they didn't look bad at all put new pistons and rings and rebuilt the head now when i start it up it blows Tons of white smoke i took it out on the water no loss of power but after 20 mins the oil level goes really low almost like it is burning oil but the ski only has 180 hours on it i do not see it leaking any where the compression is good any suggestions?

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    When you had the motor apart, what was the exact problem? You say you locked the motor, but did you bend a rod or crack a piston?? What was wrong with it. Anyone willing to tackle a project like this on a ski, at least has a half a brain, and I assume that you do, there is probably something simple causing this. But there are litterally 1 of 30 different things that could have happened along the way that could be causing this. Do you have a photo or two of the final engine layout and hose pluming that you can post up, If you can.

    A kink in any of the vacuum or air lines can cause issues, so make sure the oil return like that goes to your intake is straight and free of debris. Did you reassemble the head perfectly and not mix up ANY of the caps or the pads under them. Have you tried another set of new spark plugs gapped at .028 , torque them to 9.4 lbs and also make sure your fuel line and injectors are clean.

    Any codes? Also, low hours has very little to do with issues on this old of a ski, they actually tend to have more problems at low hours then they would at high hours...maybe not more, but they tend to be different and large. Rubber seals, and gaskets sitting for months/years at a time can cause them to go bad. Electrical connectors/connections can corrode and fall apart and wires and terminals will rust and fail. Hoses and tubes will crack causing leaks and debris to run thorough the engine, along with rusty hose clamps and brittle plastic fittings/flanges.

    You could also just as easily have a bad coil or lead that is causing a misfire and smoke. A bad wire/pin in the harness can cause this. I have a video of how to disassemble the ecu harness and plugs and inspect the pins on the connectors for corrosion and will post it up shortly.

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    The Reason the ski locked up is because it sat with water in the motor it did not lock up while running the ski runs great it just blows tons of white smoke and looses oil i will check all the vent lines but i cleaned the hell out of everything when it was taken apart. and as for the seals it has all new seals also nothing is hooked up wrong i have another deluxe that i went off of.

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    What's compression? Also, did you make 1000% sure that the piston rings were installed correctly. Obviously the proper stagger is needed, but people also tend to forget that the Bottom few piston rings are really only oil scrapers..there is a beveled edge and a perfect straight edge on them. If you have the oil rings flipped upside down, it will cause the ring to lubricate the piston and not cause it to wipe all the oil off the cyclinder wall on the down stroke. The bevels edge is on the top, and the sharp edge is on the bottom. It swipes up fresh oil on the walls, durring the upstroke and the sharpe edge scrapes it off on the way down. Installed backwards, they will burn oil ...

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    I am pretty sure the rings where put in right i would hate to take it a part again but i will if i have to is there anything else it could possibly be? i didnt see any cracks in the block but where would it be that it would make it do this?

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    Like others said, check your compression. Quick and easy and cheap and will tell you very quickly if you have ring/sealing problems. IF your compression is to specs and uniform, you might also have a valve seal issue that is causing the oil burning. Do the compression check and let us know what numbers you get ...

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    My compression is 150 -160 same as my other vx with no problems and the head is brand new so it shouldn't be the valves

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    OK ... usual suspects would be ring/piston sealing or badly leaking valve guides. If you have ruled them out, one other option is to take a good look at the air intake for the engine ... is engine oil making its way into the air intake and into the engine thru the throttle body? How is PVC routing? I have seen your symptoms on car engines when the PCV valve has failed and is dumping oil into the air intake. One more thing to check ... take the air intake apart and check the intake system for oil.

    You really only have 3 common ways to burn oil ... bad ring seal, bad valve guides, or oil being pushed into the engine thru the throttle body somehow.

    One other thought ... what do the spark plugs look like? If you are burning that much oil, you should see obvious evidence on the spark plugs. If only is oily, it pinpoints that cylinder ... if all are oily, then a systemic problem.
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    ^pretty much summed up what I was about to say, also, what does the smoke smell like? Are you dropping a cylinder it idle or is it smooth and sounding good? Here is the link to taking apart the harness pin by pin. It's a great place to look for electrical issues if all else seems to be working. What do the plugs look like? Have you tried brand new ones after all this happened.

    swap the coil, then swap injectors, Ecu and if your feeling up to it, try the tb. Not all at once, but individually. If you can bring them to the water and swap them on the trailer, it might only take you a half hour to swap them out and give it a test ride.

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