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    Where to Buy New Ficht Fuel injector popet valve screens ?

    Hello I am new to your sight , I have to say I am impressed by the knowledge and Info in have been Reading on here about Ficht Fuel injection on here.
    I actually came across this sight on a google search looking for Info about rebuilding Ficht fuel injectors .
    I have a question Does anyone know who supplied the parts for the Evinrude Ficht Fuel injectors ?
    Who made them for Evinrude and Polaris?
    The Reason I ask is My engine recently developed a No start condition , while performing many tests to figure out why the injectors were not delivering fuel I dented /damaged a few of the Popet valve Screens on a few injectors this was a rookie to ficht mistake!
    I would like to replace the screens .
    I don't want to just switch the popet valve from a used injector because I am worried the flow will be different. The Injectors I have are Compensated.
    The screens would be a (easy to change) repair as i have removed one to see how the valve works the are just pressed on the back of the valve .
    I just sent My EMM to DFI yesterday for Repair Of the SAC.
    I asked Them about the Screens the said that they never had that question and don't have them.
    I called Evinrude And spoke to Tech assistance he said to get used one they don't make them any more .
    I have a hard time believing that I can not get them! I would think someone has to have them, they made the injectors with them in the first place.
    Tired of the Marine Industry Secret Technology just sell the darn parts if you know what I mean.
    "Here's a secret, The secret is out." Sorry for the Rant .
    Any help would be appreciated guys .

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    BRP bought the assets of company that designed and originally made the Ficht injectors. In fact, your current injectors may even say BRP on them somewhere.

    The internal injector screens would not be available as a replacement part because the entire injector was sold as a service replacement single piece.

    If your current screens are not badly crushed or otherwise damaged you may be able to just used them as is. Otherwise you need to look at harvesting replacements from other used injectors.

    Do have a look at my signature links as there is a lot of useful info in there.

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