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    01 rx flywheel stuck

    I have a 2001 seadoo rx it's the regular carb edition and I need to change the bendix and my fly wheel is "STUCK" on the shaft and won't come off it will not budge at all. I have tried to tap it with a hammer on the puller it self and nothing, I have also used a 1/2" impact and still won't budge. I'm starting to run out of ideas.


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    Time to get out the torch... If you destroy it with the torch i have a spare, PM me and i will hook ya up. I have a bendix as well, i parted out a couple of these.
    Biggest threat with the torch is loosening/compromising the glue on the magnets in the stator cup.
    I have had to use a torch on several of these, when it starts to get warm turn your impact to it's highest setting on the puller and it will pop right off.

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    remove the magneto and thread the screws in a few turns before torching.

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    Is there anyway that I can screw up my crank shaft

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    using an impact wrench can cause unwanted problems.

    you can wack the puller pretty good with a 5 pounder.
    Liberal applications of PB, a hair dryer and a long wrench.

    You'll want to wack the puller bolt as you are trying to turn it ( yeah, I clearance if the engine is in the hull.)

    It WILL eventually pop off.

    Wear safety glasses and I expect you are using a factory puller..""universals " aren't quite up to this one.

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