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    Riva ECU Vs Vtech

    i have a customer who wants to put a stage 4 kit on his 2012 RXPX260 and a stage 3 on his 2010 RXPX 255

    Do i have to fit the Riva athena ECU on these models or can i reflash the OEM ECU with Vtech and still get the same results??

    any help/tips/advice would be grand

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    start here.

    He has done one the nicest/most economical stage 4ish build.

    If you aren't familiar with the Athena it will probably be more painful than it's worth. Vtech is about as plug and play as you get. I have vtech, motec and Athena. I'm currently using vetch on my 260tx and motec on my 260PX. I ran the Athena on my riva stage 4 and I will say it works...but be prepared to work on the map. The base map was pretty rich but top speed wise it was the same as motec with similar timing and fuel setup. That is where the similarities end. No knock control as of yet on the Athena. One of the biggest reasons I shelved it.

    Search is your friend here. Lots of info on the subject.

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    IMO.... steer WAY clear of the Athena ecu!

    V-Tech with CMD-Autotune is an awesome set-up, and so is a MoTec stand alone. Just comes down to what your trying to accomplish, and how much $$$ you wanna spend.

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    Awesome cheers guys, wasn't sure if the Athena was giving out something that the others weren't. we have all the gear in our workshop for Vtech so will see how it goes, thanks again

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    Go V TECH all day long ........

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    from other post but its good to read again:

    And remember, there is no such thing as a generic perfect tunes for these skis!

    There are just good base maps,. if you can , ALWAYS datalog and then make adjustments.
    Else no point of buying expensive hardware if you don't set it up properly!

    Vtech offers:
    Flasher via OBD
    Editor for the files.
    Datalogger with AFR/lambda controller built in.

    The above is the key to safe / good power .

    To order V-Tech and support this forum please order at

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