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    '95 750SS Best Ride Plate for Smooth Water Handling?

    I have a restored to like new 750ss. In the spring I'm going to remove the center bar from the intake grate or maybe mill myself a custom grate, but I'm wondering what the best ride plate for my riding style is. I don't care too much about top speed, I'm mostly into tight maneuvering and I ride in a lake that is glass 75% of the time. Any information on brand or style of ride plate would be helpful as I also have the capability to mill a custom ride plate. Information like depth into water, length, finned, is all information I'm looking for.

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    Your like me, want to eliminate the "Slide out" when turning. What I did was I made 2 "rudders", fins, that connect to the bolts that hold the rideplate on. I used 2" angle iron, cut and shaped to make 2 "fins" and got longer ride plate bolts to hold them on.
    This was on a 90 650SX, and now it turns way better, handling is more stable, much more fun and did not effect top speed.

    Sorry I don't have any pictures, its in storage for the winter.

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