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    GTX DI Top Speed and other issues

    Hey guys, I have finally got my Ski fixed after bogging problems, ended up being issue with MPEM, my new questions are, with my jet pump out of water it is very noisey (rattle) have just replace pump and still same noise!!!!
    second not sure what my top speed is as speedo not operating, getting about 6000rpm but feels like it should have more!!!!
    having issues with battery continually going flat???
    when at full throttle sound like a bit of whistle/scream not sure if it's normal!!!!
    last issue is most times I start ski it needs a second attempt, other then the above ski works great

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    Ok with the battery going flat have you tested float voltage? (Engine off)
    Start the engine on the flusher and bring the revs up. Your battery voltage should increase. If not trouble shoot the charging system.
    Its common on the DI skis that the rectyfier goes bad and it will pull a maintenance light and reduce rpm.

    Its common for a di to sometimes not start 1st go every time. They di fuel system is complex and needs both good fuel and air pressure in order to fire up.

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