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    My first Waverunner, It needs needs a rebuild and i need help :)

    Hi all im Max, completely new to this, ive never even been on a jetski before but decided to get a yamaha waverunner 1200 as a project and hopefully get it going by summer.
    I got 2 of them for cheap but both have engine problems, im into cars so i have some experience with engines.
    Anyway here is the first one with its set of problems:

    And here is the second one with its problems:

    Im thinking of using the sleeves, pistons and conrods out of both engines to make one but im really confused as to how the hell do i replace the conrods on the crank???

    Any help at all appreciated since i know nothing about these waverunners

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    the blue one doesnt look bad...the red one looks like a spray can paint job. As far as the can't replace the rods on the crank, they are pressed together units, and have to be serviced (replaced) as an assembly. You can find reasonably priced used ones though. As far as the sleeves, they can be pressed out, but cannot be bored unless they are replated. (They are plated with nikasil), there are places that will bore them and replate them. From what I have seen, and I do not own a 1200, they are expensive engines to repair. A word of advice from a person who was in your situation earlier this year.....(I too am an auto mechanic, and had never previously worked on the 2-strokers......DO YOUR RESEARCH, LEARN, AND DO NOT TRY TO REPAIR THE MOTORS UNTIL YOU ARE FAMILIAR WITH THEM AND UNDERSTAND THEM. THEY ARE NOT AUTOMOBILE ENGINES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I say this because earlier last year I purchased a really nice 96 raider 760 for a steal. Had a seized rear cylinder. I tore into it, repaired what I thought was wrong, and got it back running. It nagged me, until I decided to open it back up. Boy, was I glad I did! I had used permatex #2 to seal the cases, used cheap seals, and did an all around crappy job. It had case leaks, and ran somewhat lean, and would have blown up again had I not decided to check it. So, my advice in a nutshell.....learn, do the job properly, understand the engine from the carb intake all the way to the pto coupler, and your finished product will run great! As a side note...if yours has the oil injection still hooked up, no need to abandon it, do some research on it as well....just upgrade all the oil lines to high quality tygon line, and use oetiker pinch clamps to put it together..(the ty wraps are actually where a lot of the engine failures come from) and the oil system will be almost bulletproof. Hope this helps, good luck, and welcome to the hulk!

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    pick which ski you want to rebuild. get a shop manual for that ski. take the whole thing apart, take pics along the way, clean/inspect thoroughly, and determine if any parts are reuseable. start at the bottom of the engine and work your way up. have the crank professionally inspected, repair, or replace with oem crank. try to get the best parts you can afford. New crankcase seals, seal crankcase with 1211 or similar, new gaskets all around, inspect cylinders, hone, fix or replace, if necessary. put in new pistons/rings, all new fuel/oil lines and have the carbs cleaned/properly rebuilt to meet the specs of your build. be patient and take your time. also, be prepared to spend some money, because this project will not be cheap. there are a number of posts regarding the rebuilding of 1200s and other 2 strokes which are very informative. good luck michael

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    I have a bunch of parts in stock for this 65U engine

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    Thanks for the replies guys.
    The black one was actually painted with a brush, horrible job i dont know why anyone would do such a thing.
    I just want to fix the black one mostly out of the parts i have from the 2 engines then sell it and keep the blue one for myself because the body is in exellent condition,
    ill order new crank, pistons and seals for the blue one.
    I was told there was a guy down the road from me who could split the crank, i just have to make my way down to him and find out if he can do it,
    if he does ill be able to use bearings and conrods from the 2 engines to make one complete crank because most of the bearings and conrods are still good.

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