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    2001 XL 800 - Where to buy parts?

    I bought my very first PWC last Summer and without going into the full story learned a lesson about getting things checked out by a dealer before buying..

    Any how...

    With the help of a friend pulled the head off yesterday to see what might be causing the major engine knock that the dealer pointed out.. What we found wasn't pretty but we can definitely fix it up after I buy the parts needed. I'm looking to find out if there's some "go to" places that everyone buys their parts from to save some money. This is basically throwing good money after bad since once fixed the craft still won't be worth what I have into it but I want a craft that I can at least ride without fear of it blowing up and leaving me stranded.. LOL

    These are the parts that I'm looking at:

    SBT Cylinder Exchange Top-End Kit for Yamaha 800 - Link

    Yamaha GP800 XLT GP XL 800 XL800 XLT800 Engine Cylinder Head - Link

    the dealer also said I was missing my pump seal (which is what may be "contributing" to the cavitation I experienced when adding a second rider so I was looking at this (could it be that cheap and simple?)


    If there's cheaper places to buy this stuff I'd LOVE to know! Especially the first one. Not concerned bout the last one It's plenty cheap. Just wanted to make sure that's what I need. The 100 bucks for the head is probably about right? The 475 for the top end rebuild (that includes the cylinders) might be about right as well but is just a big investment for me right now so I want to save if I can...

    Thanks for any guidance!!!
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    search button;0)

    good luck! WFO has great stuff better off than using sbt!

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    Yea, been search buttoning the shit out of it. I keep finding top end kits without the cylinders.. Still searching but figured I'd drop by here along the way..

    Just went to WFO performance ( I assume that's where ya meant).. Parts sections says coming soon. I guess I can just call them.


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    call him, spoke to him recently he has lots of stuff. Buy an oem cylinder have it re nicaciled and buy a pro x piston. thats your best bet. sbt is junk and has a steel sleeve fitted to it. He has a head too. Looking at those pics i would buy his crank too he has for sale! He' in texas so he should be up soon! Re nick a cyliner is 250 and prox piston/ring kit is 130 I think?

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    Millennium Technologies or US CHROME are your best bet for replating. Like stated above, SBT is crap. Sleeving is not a good idea as plated cylinders are better for less friction & heat.

    I am also rebuilding an 800 (GP) and had ShortBlock-R-US do it for me. Although it is a bit spendy, I'm hoping to have the ski for a long time now that I know what to keep an eye out to avoid future failures.

    Good Luck!

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