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    96 spi fuel pickup issue

    New to this site, need help on my 96 spi. Does not seem to be getting fuel. If i pour small amount into carbs it will fire and run for abt 10 seconds. Pulled small fuel filter from carb, not gummed up or plugged. This unit still has gray lines but they do not appear to be breaking down. Any ideas?

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    96 spi fuel pickup issue

    Replace the grey lines no matter what you see by pulling 1 line off. They break down and are known engine killers. Rebuild the carbs and clean or replace your fuel selector.

    I would also get a compression reading to make sure the engine is not tired or on borrowed time

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    Ok, I replaced the gray lines today. I also cleaned out the fuel/water filter, the fuel selector and replaced all the connections with hose clamps instead of the factory clamps. I can still pour into the carbs and it runs for about 5-10 seconds, I did this four times and then stopped, the fuel does not seem to be picking up. I manually filled the water/fuel filter and it is still full so it is not pulling anything through the line.

    My single carb has 3 fuel lines and I am not 100% sure I got them back together correctly. Does anyone have a picture or know the destination of each line? I have 1 going to the fuel/water filter, one going to the fuel sending unit and one that goes to the block.

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    I pulled the filter inside the carb and it was not dirty or plugged with green gunk. The carb insides look good, not sure an overhaul is needed.

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    Sounds like your needles and seats are sticking

    How long has it been since this ski started and ran the last time??

    Carbs may not be dirty, but may have varnish and gummy deposits

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    Check your fuel selector, if it's leaking then the carbs won't draw fuel. They are cheap to replace.
    Fuel inlet marking on the carbs are pretty much self explanatory if you have some kind of clue how it came apart...
    Do all of these tests:
    This should help. I have found that aside from needles being sticky that leaks between the blocks and plates is the number 2 source of problems with the mikunis drawing fuel.

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    ^That^ and owners putting the fuel lines on the carb backwards. I bought a 03 GTI-LE with that problem two months ago.

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    Yep. I actually mixed up the feed and return line when replacing my lines. Had me seriously frustrated by such a simple mistake.

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    Fuel inlet is on bottom, return is on top, pulse is the one closest to engine on the cover plate.

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