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    RXT x new owner questions

    I just purchased a 2011 RXT X with 21 hrs and I have put 2hrs on it so far and love it. I have a couple of question. I was looking at the manual and saw that the next oil change is at 100hrs that seems a little long. Are most people changing the oil earlier? Im not sure if the break in service was done some I am thinking about going ahead and having that done at 25hrs. Also when riding the ski straight the bars are turned slightly towards the left. Can this be adjusted to more of a neutral position. Are there any crazy things I should know about this ski.



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    I'd swap the oil out every 25 hours and never go beyond 50 hours. So in other words for most people swap the oil out at least once a year unless your lucky enough to use your PWC year around.

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    supercharger rebuild every 100hrs. or two years which ever comes first

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    I would change it now just to be safe. You can't guarantee when it was done last. Peace of mind.

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    If you don't mind me asking, roughly how much did you pay? Ball park figure

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    I've had a few 260s that the bars were not straight when the ski was driving straight.
    I never figured out how to fix the issue.
    Call your vin# in at your local doo dealer to see if your ski has any updates that need to be completed. There have been a few ecu and pump updates since 11. These are all free to doo..
    Congrats on a bad ass ski purchase!!!

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    For the steering the pump nozel to handle bar is badly syncronnized. Easy fix on a tx.

    Manually lift the ibr using the ibr override function on the dash

    Looking at the jet nozel the bottom has a 10mm screw head. Line that bolt head up with the 5mm allen screw in the ride plate.

    Now look at your bars- if they are not straight you will need to adjust the cable lebght.

    Easy way is to lift the front hatch, remove storage bucket,
    Now using a 10mm ratchet spanner reach down and find the black steering cable ataching clip and backn off the 2 10mm bolts be careful not to back them off too far as they will drop down past the gas tank.

    They cable had a large adjustment nut you can turn to make the cable either longer or shorter depending what you need to make the bars straight.

    Good luck and be patient.

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    davo94 has the correct procedure for steering alignment. When I first got my 2011 RXT 260, the handlebars were aiming at 2 o'clock position and the ski was going straight. There was also a lot of pressure on the bars. It pulled hard left. I tried aligning it myself, using the threaded trunion down at the nozzle. It only made things worse. It made the steering twitchy and un-predictable. Still under warranty, I took it back to the dealer and they performed a nozzle alignment using the newer 2012 specifications. When done, they took me and the machine down to the lake and had me ride it. WAY better, but the handlebars were still not centered. The dealer mechanic adjusted the big steering cable nut in small increments while at the dock, every time I came back in from a test run. After that, the ski's steering was centered and it turned like butter. Vast improvement.

    I took some pix of the cable and nut, just in case someone else had the same problem. If you look down into the machine you will see the instrument and control's connector. The steering cable is right next to it. The 2 smaller set bolts and adjusting nut are not easy to get at dock side, but well worth the trouble of getting it right. At the front of the machine, turning the nut clockwise will turn the handlebars left. Turning the nut counter-clockwise will turn the bars right.

    Best wishes with that "new to you" DOO!Click image for larger version. 

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    Thanks for the advice. I called my local dealer and there are some updates that need to be done. I will take a look at the steering cable. Its going to be raining the next couple of days so its a great time to check that out. Thanks again

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    Thank you. Now i figured out how to fix the steering issue on the 260s. Ive had a few that were slightly off.

    Schedule the updates early with your dealership because coming in the spring they are going to be slammed with work.

    Rip on....

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