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    unmolested 701cc 62t motor / electronics / + more!!!

    Bought this ski from my sisters neighbor, older gentleman who obviously had no intention of riding the ski anymore.

    No pinks/current tags as the ski has sat in the side yard for literally, years! (check pics)

    last time it saw any real body of water was 04.... never covered so the outside is very badly raped by the Arizona sun and climate.

    On the plus, the motor was run regularly, and turns over easily.

    No compression test yet as I didn't expect to go back to Cali with a ski, but the deal he gave me was pretty good.

    Basically I bought it to use as a project for some of my wild ski project ideas, but I ended up deciding not to keep it as I have my 1200 XLT build I'm too preoccupied with and also paying for some secret project to be fabled up for me on my 650sx build.

    I will sell ski whole WITH PINKS as soon as I get it registered with the bill of sale I received, OR it will be parted out.

    Make offers on parts

    P.S. - the engine is basically brand freaking new. (no carbon in the pistons, the ski only had one owner which was the guy I got it from, and it only saw the river/lake once since he bought it..... maybe 10 hours of run time tops????)

    anyway once Im back in Cali where I have tools I can get compression tests and what not on it. No aftermarket stuff, no mods, nothing! From what I can see it just has minor wear on the keel of the hull from my sister and my brother dragging it around to move it, bottom of the hull looks spotless with smoothish gelcoat that was never beached.Click image for larger version. 

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    Bump, still got it

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