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    Will a protech CDI help

    I have a 2000 GPR with the fllowing stinger two exhaust d
    Plate Ho pump off a 2007 fx ho 140 cruiser rive 800 in take gate R&D ride plate rive trim tabs 2 inch pump extension rejected carburetors premix oil 50/1 I run 98 pump gas rive flame arrestors.Will a protec CDI help me out? And i need a good impeller for it?

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    I have a R&D CDI with timing, rpm, powervalves controls- It made a noticeable difference for sure- If the protect controler has similar controls then its probaly a similar unit, so i would pick one up, they also increase spark power. As for the prop you might want to step up to a taller pitch for that HO pump- cause that stinger2 is great for low end and mid power, but will take about 100-200 rpms off top- Most people run a stock stinger with the D-plate and a Jetworks control valve to get the low end punch- then just a good performance prop will do. Also reeds will be another addition- most people run VF3 reeds, adds a solid 100 rpms. ALso 50/1 is rather lean- most people run 40/1 i believe

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    if it were me I spend my money on prop and having head cut and squish re cut for more compression stock 125 after machining 150-160 AND GET A TACH!!

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