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    Question 1995 polaris slt 750 stator black ground wire alternative wiring

    I bought a 95 slt 750 with a burnt up black wire going to the stator. I downloaded the manual and did the ohm meter test on the rest of the stator wires and they check out good except for the obvious not being able to test the white/yellow to the black wire (ground from stator) since it burnt up.

    I can take my ohm meter and hook one end to the white/yellow and hook another end to the engine's ground and I get the correct 220 ohms. Looking at the wiring diagram it appears the stator has it's own ground to the it just bolting to the engine is my guess because I don't see a wire you hook up to the engine ground by looking at pictures of stators on ebay. I also tried hooking all the other wires to engine ground and one of those give me my burnt ground wire didn't fry into the other wires.

    My question is this: Since the stator is testing good, can I just run a new ground into the electrical box and hook it to the engine somewhere and not replace the stator just to get a good ground wire from the stator into the electrical box?

    Picture of similar wiring diagram for my PWC.

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    Running a separate black wire from the electrical box Black/Ground to the engine case should work. As you have learned normally the Black wire in the stator cable bundle provides the ground link between the electrical box and the engine itself, via the stator mounting bolts.

    Make sure the new black wire is properly sealed where it exits the electrical box and properly terminated at the engine. You don't want corrosion or vibration/heat to weaken the electrical connection over time.

    Whether this fix works for very long in part will depend on how much heat damage there is to the other stator wires, inside the stator housing and the grommet entry. While they currently test OK with your meter, engine vibration and heat could cause one or more of the stator wires to fail later on. No way to predict that without a direct visual inspection.

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    Thanks. I'll give it a try.

    Do you have a recommendation where I should wire the new ground to the engine?

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    Your original ground wire from the battery negative terminal to the engine bed plate should still be intact. You will not be running a new ground to the motor, just to the ebox. You can run the ground from the engine, engine bed plate, or from the battery. I ran a ground direct from the battery into the ebox on one of my skis 2 years ago. Still running strong..... I did, however, remove the burnt wire from the stator grommet to the ebox just to be safe....

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    I wired in a new ground wire and hooked it to the engine block. The engine fired up. Thanks guys.

    Now I just need to figure out the problem of why the engine vibrates like crazy at about 1/4 throttle and above. Weird part is that I can put it in the water on the trailer and run it full blast with no problems.

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