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    What's my 1200 SUV worth?

    Anyone have a good handle on market value for these? It's a 2002, green and in excellent shape. Has Yamaha SUV trailer galvanized with matching green parts.

    130 hours. Freshwater only. Stored indoors and always covered. Has some sand bar marks and normal small rub. But gel coat is in very good shape.

    I check compression regularly and all cylinders same. 100% stock. Has never had a break down.

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    Depends on where your located.

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    Here's Kelly Blue book Value. Usually on the high side of reality. It is realistically worth what you can get someone to pay you for it. 2 strokes are very undesirable to new boaters unless they know how to work on them. The SUV's are somewhat unique in the marketplace so you may find that many folks do not know what they are. Tho it up on Craigslist and see what happens. Good, high res pictures mean a lot and make sure it is detailed to the max. (never ceases to amaze me how many pictures I see with fish bowls for footwells...) Good luck.

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    All true....I just not believe KBB would be that accurate on a vehicle this rare and old especialy when condition varries so much. The link shows $3650. That means some are going for $1500 and some for $6000.

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    Id say $2500-$3000 is what it could go for

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    I was thinking I might list it just under $4,000 as a start and go from there.

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    I paid $3200 last summer for my 2002 here in Kansas. I'm the third owner, pretty nice, got a few dents and dings and a slight cavitation issue...

    There was a guy locally trying to sell his for $4500 cause of a divorce....don't think he ever got it sold. I would say you are in the ball park.

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    Thanks Man! I go back and forth on keeping or selling it. Will see what the warm weather brings.

    That was useful info. I don;t think our market is all that different.

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    Down here in Houston the 02should sell in the mid 4k range with a galvanized trailer. Longer riding season and more importantly...longer fishing season. Sold one of my 01s last year for 4200 in a week.

    Post a video of someone riding it with a verbal time date stamp on the vid. Also video the compression numbers and link both youtube vids into your craigslist ad. It really helps to draw buyers when the see it running fast the day the listing went up. I assume your compression is 115 or better. If that's the case, post a vid of the test to solve any buyers questions on it. It will save u a ton of time with tire kickers and their harbor freight compression gauges in your skis junk

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    Thanks. That's great advice. Compression is more like 110. Does that seem like an issue? Exact same is all three cylinders.

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