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    Ultra 250 Rideplate

    Were recieving our first Ultra 250 in the shop later on today. First order of business is to see just how much speed there is in the rideplate. Will keep the board informed as progress continues.

    Next will be measurements on the stock impeller...

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    6 days so far to test, any results to share with us ?

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    I had to put the rideplate back on the machine because the customer wanted to go out and ride. I saw many areas where the stocker plate could be improved ( actually too many areas ) that probably wouldnt justify the cost of the machining on a stock plate. When the ski comes back, ill probably get into it a little deeper.
    Then again, im sure an R&D plate will be out in the near future, and theres probably going to be some machining to be done there too.

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    update : the ultra 250 that carl was supposed to mod the plate for was sold by the owner cause he didnt like the kawi at all

    but here is some good news

    i dropped off a stock rideplate today at island racing , i want to see what he can do with it . i bought another rideplate to have carl mod so i can do back to back testing with my stock plate

    as soon as carl gets the plate tricked out ill let everyoine know the reults


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