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    Finished New Ski Break-in

    I received advice from guys on this forum in buying my ski and in getting comfortable with the maintenance. I now passed 7-hours on my new ski today. I have managed to get out twice between 'cold snaps' in our weather.

    I went out one week ago today on Monday January 27 when the temp spiked to 70*F (21*c). I put a little over 3-hours engine time on that first day. I lapped our island (Amelia Island, Florida) and made a casual run up to Cumberland Island, Georgia. Then three days later on Thursday Jan.30, they cancelled schools here because of 'Freezing Temperatures' (go figure). Now, 4 days after the freezing temperature panic, it reached 80*F today and sunny. So, I couldn't pass up another opportunity. I putted around the intracoastal for a while. Once I saw 5 hours click over (Kawasaki recommended break-in period) I went out into the ocean again. 1'-2' frequent waves with the occasional 3'-4'. I had to jump a few, just to see what it was like. Yeah, it was fun. I then headed south within site of Mayport U.S. Navy base in Jacksonville and then back north to home. I stopped for a break at a little sandbar island in Nassau Sound called Bird Island.
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    I mostly stopped here because I wanted to try the new Cooper's Anchor that was recommended to me by toomanytoys Mal. It caught fast and held surprisingly well. This area is protected in the sound by multiple sandbars and Bird Island itself. So, it was a calm spot with mild current to try the anchor before I go out with friends and want to use it without any experience.

    I am glad that I made the decision that I did in purchasing the Ultra 300x. It handles the chop and waves well. And living on the coast, that is what I will be enjoying, the chop and waves of the ocean.

    I don't enjoy having to buy the expensive gas. We have 83, 87, and 93 octane available here in regular gas. So, requiring better than 90, I have to get the 93. I like to use 'ethanol free' in my motorcycles. But, the two local places that sell the Ethanol Free offer it in 89 octane. But, I require better than 90 in this ski. So, I by the 93 octane with 10% alcohol.

    I am enjoying the ski and look forward to the coming spring and summer months.

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    Great looking ski. Enjoy

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    Well done and glad you're enjoying the ski.

    Cheers, Mal.

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    I did want to ask kawasaki riders a question about Fuel level. The dealer did not fill up the tank. They only put in enough to check it out and prove to me that it ran. The tank holds 20.6 gallons. Prior to my first ride, I put in 19.5 gallons. I went out for my first ride last week and while pulling up to the dock at the end of my ride, the gauge indicated 1/8 tank and a warning sounded and the display warned 'low fuel'. So, I figured that I had 2.5 gallons left (1/8 of 20 gallons). And the same low fuel warning sounded each time that I started it during flushing/cleaning.

    But, I filled it up this morning before riding again. I expected to put 17-18 gallons in it. But, it only took 13.2 gallons to fill it up. Meaning that I still had 7.4 gallons in there. That is between 1/2 and 1/4 tank, not the 1/8 that I thought. I still had a long way to go till empty on 7.4 gallons.

    The question is, when does the Low Fuel warnings sound? I tried to find this in the manual without success. Is it that my gauge may be wrong showing 1/8 when I have 3/8 left? Or is there a 'built-in reserve' that isn't counted in the measured fuel capacity on the gauge?

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    Most skis fuel gauges work under the safety rule.....1/3 out 1/3 in and 1/3 reserve....the way most skis fuel gauges work is it burns a 1/3 of a tank before it drops a bar, then burns a 1/3 of the tank going through the bars, then you have a 1/3 of a tank left for safety....NO RESERVE....

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    Definitely use StarTron's Fuel Treatment to every tank. This will tackle the ethanol issue with ethanol gas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlaJim View Post
    The question is, when does the Low Fuel warnings sound? I tried to find this in the manual without success. Is it that my gauge may be wrong showing 1/8 when I have 3/8 left? Or is there a 'built-in reserve' that isn't counted in the measured fuel capacity on the gauge?
    This is a good way to describe it. When you get the low fuel beeper going you will have approximately 1/3- 1/4 (5-7 gal.) left in the tank. This means you have close to around 35 mile range of fuel left. It is far better/preferable then getting warning beeper YOU ARE OUT OF GAS!!
    As Aquaholic has stated it is like a 1/3 reserve, for safety. You hold mode down for a few seconds and the annoying beep goes away.
    ALWAYS run high octane, as you have stated you do and if octane content is questionable do NOT hold WOT as detonation is not your friend.
    You can go far on ECO mode on that ski if you need too.
    Great looking and enjoy. By far best choice for your riding environment.

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    Get the R&D deep fuel pickup and install it in your ski.
    While you have the fuel sender out of your ski you can lightly bend the wire upward that controls your low fuel beeper. This way it won't go off with 8 gallons of fuel left in the tank.

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    I would not pull out the fuel pump out of tank and bend the fuel level sensor arm.

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    i also wouldnt add the so called deep fuel pick up, its not needed..

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