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    More storage on a S3 Hull

    Does anyone make a bin for the back compartment with the IBR motor seems like a good spot to stash something or even up front under the bin looks like a lot of wasted storage space, Has anyone come up with some mods or something? Id like to store some tow rope, small set of tools and a first aid kit, at least. Without using the glovebox or the front bin.

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    I removed the front storage bin the first week I got it in 2010, any body want it? LOTS of spare room available.

    I use a waterproof bag to hold dry clothes, tow rope, and spare tools and put it on the left side under the fuel tank hose. I keep a bag type anchor and bumpers also stuffed along the front right side area. Even with heavy splashing it stays pretty dry up there anyway.I keep the fire extinguisher under the straps on top of the fuel tank. And before somebody gives me shit about this, the fire extinguisher is NEVER for your own ski, it is for someone else.

    Additionally, when I relocated my IC closer to the SC and TB, it freed up the rear platform, which could be used store things in a Pelican container.

    Take the front bin out and leave it out!

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    Never thought about taking the bin out...

    As far as I know nobody has made a bin for the rear near the ibr..
    Not much space in there..

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    A nice pelican case could fit back there pretty easy. Honestly after messing around there is a decent amount of room. I just wonder with a pelican or otterbox case if it would make all kinds of noise. Maybe a dry bag? Bad idea?

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    I would not put anything in there that might bang against the ibr.
    Its not a cheap piece to replace.

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    If a pelican case went back there maybe bungee it to skmething that wouldn't move. I could see that being ok. But I also don't know how much all that moves around

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    ...debating on taking mine out now. This was a big drawback for the seadoo ski was lack of storage.

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