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    750 sxi pro

    i just recently bout a 750 sxi pro to ride around with all my buddies this year and they all have superjets. I was wondering what type of mods could i start doing to it to make it a better freestyle/play ski? also since im new to all this and don't have a vast knowledge of a lot of things pertaining to ski's yet, do you know if there are motors from any other Kawasaki jet ski that can be swapped over into my stand up?

    thanks for any knowledge any of yall may have for me!!

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    things I would suggest
    Factory pipe
    Larger carbs

    Still 93 pump gas safe and it will have a lot more power.

    worx ride plate and intake grate
    handpole spring plate
    Aftermarket sponsons

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    If your new to stand ups start with handling mods first. Learn to ride it like a pro then move onto engine e mods.

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