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    1994 Kawasaki xi

    Hi I just bought a 1994 Kawasaki xi. I dont know anything about these skis but im a mechanic I've had skis in the past and I work on them and I like to supe them up a bit and have some fun. I just picked this one up today, it was a gift . I dont know much about this ski but if anyone would like to chime in and help me out that would be great. Im in this forum to learn and help anybody out that I can.

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    If any body knows any good places to by parts please lmk. Thanks

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    Welcome aboard, 305kawi!

    Carefully inspect the oil lines. They get brittle with age and crack.

    That knob on the front of the exhaust pipe works the crankcase drain. If the engine gets water in it, you pull the knob to drain it. Problem is that they tend to leak and cause the engine to run lean--burning up the engine. Best thing to do is buy a block-off plate for it and remove it.

    A primer will make it start a lot easier when cold.

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    Thanks for the info. i already got a block off plate for the oil pump. I had a GP1200R before and i switched to pre-mix. I will look into the crank drain that you are talking about. I still haven't gone through the ski because work is busy. The guy had the carbs pulled off because he said they were dirty. Im going to clean them up and also see if I can pull the tank and flush it out.

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    Any advise on cleaning out the fuel tank? Looks like Im going to have to pull the motor to pull the tank

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    Yep, you'll probably have to pull the engine to block off the crankcase drain, but it has been done while in the 'Ski.

    I'd probably put a gallon or two of gas in the tank and swish it around (drive around the block) then siphon it. I've then removed the filler hose and crammed a rolled up clean white towel into the tank to try to pick up trash. It won't get all of it, but most of it. The filter can catch the rest.

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    When I gutted and parted my beat-a$$ '94xi I seem to remember the tank came out before the engine; however I do NOT remember if my jig saw opened up the hull for better access first. That was a fun day indeed!

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    I'm just going to siphon out the old fuel. I'm going to buy a couple fuel filters and replace them frequently. Also bought an oil pump block off and I'm gonna install that. Today I found a brand new primer pump I had in the shop That's going in too! Cleaned out the carbs today and tomorrow gonna crank it up!

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    Started up the ski today and it cranked right up. Anybody know the best way to setup a primer kit on this ski?

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    I usually drill and tap a hole in the intake manifold and put a barbed fitting in it. That way, you can remove the carbs without having to mess with the primer.

    On my 750s, I made stainless steel brackets that bolt on the front of the engine where the throttle cable bracket goes. I used slightly longer bolts to hold everything on.

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    On my 750ss I used a bulb type primer. Put it where the choke selector was.

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