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    1.2 n&s or 1.5? Oside Bill's set up

    I cannot find a 1.2 mikuni needle for sale other than on the yamaha parts store. My local dealer can order a 1.5 straight from mikini but not a 1.2. Can I use a 1.5 on a stock SUV? I'd like to run Oside Bill's old set up on his SUV (1.5 n&s, gold spring, carbon reeds, stuffers, 100 pilot and 135 main jets, r&d power plenum) but don't have the cash for all of that. Can I run the 1.5 n&s and the 100 pilot/135 main set up with stock FA?

    Carbs have the single pressurized system mod.

    Your engineering lives on Oside!!
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    1.2's run about $35 and 1.5's run $20

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    Spoke with Jim at Atlantic Jet Sports. He carries the 1.2 mikuni n&s. Was very helpful and gave me a lot of advise.

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