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    2004 FXHO will not roll over

    Hello all, [please read post #8]I had it out the week before, flushed, then tried it and nothing. took plugs out and checked batt. terminals. reading over 12.5 v on year old batt. that was on batt. tender all winter. I rolled it over with a pipe wrench on shaft. I have not touched remote for long time before and just wondered if when I put chargers and tried to jump it that the security mode could have came on. I have read something like that and that I should not have jumped it. Its been in storage for a year and a half and havnt had time to try anything. Also let batt. sit in it with no charge and was wondering if it will take a charge and still be any good. It is an AGM style battery. Thanks for any replies.
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    Usually when a battery stays discharged for a period it ruins it. May need to have remote re programmed at dealer if starter is not turning over it could be that or s starter relay or other electrical issue

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    Yep, the Batt is the likely culprit here. I would just get a new one. If you know the Ski will be inactive for extended amounts of time get a Battery Tender too. Or take it out and bring it home with you and keep it charged there. JB

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    Also pump out the old fuel before you fire her up.
    Shes got stale fuel in it now and you really don't want that crap clogging up your fuel system...

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    Quote Originally Posted by seamac View Post
    Its been in storage for a year and a half and havnt had time to try anything...
    New set of spark plugs is a good idea if its been sitting that long.

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    If it's been sitting for a while , it could be the pump
    They do blister and can jamb the prop

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    Don't forget to check the small fuel strainer when you go to remove the fuel

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    Thanks again for the help. I guess I wasnt clear on the time line. Its been in storage since it wouldnt roll over. I read that I can check starter relay by jumping posts, are these on the relay? I have the service manual disk and see where it is. I tried to siphon the gas out of it before and it seemed like there was a screen to prevent that. How do I drain it? Where is the fuel strainer? What spark plug do you guys recommend? I read something about a hotter plug to prevent fouling. Thanks.

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    When the lanyard is in push the green button. Does the gauge light up? This would tell you if it's the security or not. The remote and transmitter will stay programmed. Try a new battery in the remote if it does not lock unlock. There are fuses under the cap on the electrical box to check first if you get nothing.

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    Definetly try jumping the starter relay. Locate it under the cap (with the fuses in it) on the electrical box. Just below it is a rubber square cover. Unscrew and remove it, will expose the two posts of the starter relay. Jump it with a pair of pliers or something similar with a rubber handle. It it starts, your problem is the starter relay. If not, possible the starter motor or something else......

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