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    Talking Newb here but not to PWC's. Kawi Content.

    Hey folks, first post here on this cool looking site. I am in BC Canada. Many years ago my wife and I bought a '93 Seadoo XP. Back in '94 I believe it was. We still have it in the family cycling through my brothers and my nieces and nephews. Been a rock solid unit all these years.

    Today, I have 2 teenage boys 17 and 15 and it's time to introduce them to the stand up world of PWC's. My wife and I rode a standup back in the early 90's and loved it. It was very fun and certainly a lot more challenging than sitting on a couch (Seadoo XP) and hitting the throttle. We have not had the boys on a PWC in many years, besides they were too young to really enjoy it like they would stand up today. We happened across a local used PWC for sale and the bug bit us again. We thought about how much fun it would be to buy a stand up and expose to the boys to it. We currently have a run-about ski boat and plenty of warm summer water close by. So for the past 3 days I have been driving my self nuts trying to find something used. I am quite happy with the used prices for an early 90's stand up. I think I have my sights on a 550 XS. Heck maybe even 2. Sure they are challenging to learn on, but that's part of the fun. Seems there are tons of aftermarket performance parts out there for them. I have tons of wrenching experience & tools and will do all the repairs, upgrades and maintenance myself. I look forward to working on them. Problem is finding room in the garage with all the other toys in there!

    My questions are, when I go look at a few used 550's what should I pay special attention to? Is there a flaw in all 550's that seems to rear it head and can usually be spotted on a used one? I plan to bring a spare battery, booster cables, some hand tools and a compression gauge to inspect the craft. Running or not, I am not overly concerned. Not running may be better so I can maybe negotiate a real screaming deal! I see a few early 90's 550SX machines selling in the $500 to $700 range. Man, that's really affordable! Even if I throw a grand or more into it. Should be a blast. I look forward to hearing your comments. Thx.


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    Welcome aboard the Hulk!!!
    You got the basics covered. Compression, pump,carbs...
    Get as much history and receipts as possible...

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    At this point in time with these boats they call PWC's I wouldn't say an XP is a "couch" lol.

    Between $500-$700 is what I'd pay for a 550. Nothing big really comes to mind, just definitely test compression. If the skis not running it usually isn't to hard to get is started but if it has low compression a top end rebuild will cost you a couple hundred.

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    My 93 XP was kinda like a couch! LOL.

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