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    GP instrument panel interchangeability

    Looking at instrument panel replacement on my 97 GP 760 (rubber button covers rotted) and would like to know if any of the newer GP instrument clusters will work. I see that the newer skis have gotten away from the rubber button covers and would like to snag one for my older 760. Shape of the newer ones looks the same but was wondering if anyone has replaced their clusters with success. I assume there might be some differences in fuel tank calibration, etc. Thanks for the help!

    97-GP 760 (701 engine)
    98-GP 760
    00-GP 800 Power Valve

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    Well, I decided to gamble and bought a newer XL1200 multifunction set of gauges. Plugs don't match but I'm looking at trying to make it work with some creativity, tape and bailing wire. If I can make it hum, I'll post my results.

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    Success! I was able to interchange the XL1200 instrument display with my 1997 GP760. I had to make minor mods to the wiring harness but it seems to work just fine. The GP has a 4 wire plug vs. the 6 wire plug on the 1200. I basically matched up the wire colors with the old 4 wire plug and made it work. There are black and red (12 volt) wires plus one green and pink wire on the GP harness. I matched all but the pink on the 6 wire plug. According to the schematic, the pink wire on the GP is for the temp. sensor. I was found that the grey/black wire on the 6 wire plug was for temp sensor so I simply mated that with the pink. It's not perfect. Pushing the mode button makes "start" display on the panel but goes away as soon as the button is released. There is no code capability with this setup. I was able to just punch the start button without hitting the "mode" button and everything seemed to work ok. Full test will be on the lake. I'm not sure if the calibration will be the same for the fuel and oil but it will be close. Will post more after I run it on the lake.

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    good job !!!

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    A little more info..... While looking for other parts I discovered that the XL800 gauges look to be a direct fit with no mods necessary for the earlier GP'760's. The XL has the smooth panel with better buttons vs. the old rubber button covers that get hard and eventually tear up. The key difference is the 4 wire plug vs 6 wire that's on the XL1200's (like I installed with mods). If you look at the gauges, the direct fit ones will have only one temp sensor light at top of right gauge. If you want to upgrade that old panel there seem to be quite a few available on eBay.

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