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    Carb mods for GPR 800 any suggestions ?

    Doing a top end on a 2002 GPR 800. Thought now would be a good time to do any rejetting and or carb mods. Did some search's here, but only found 1200 mods. Only mods are free flow exhaust and Riva FA/'s.
    Any ideas would be helpful !

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    if you want this engine to last , leave it alone , 800s work hard enough from factory. rebuilt carbs and ride.

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    I did a lot of research on this site and others and same thing that Mike said is the conclusion others have come up with. The folks at group K even mentioned that removing the choke plates is not necessarily a good move as that can reduce "signal" and cause a mid range lean condition. I also spoke with a guy who does a NOVI like mod on the 1200 carbs and he definitely told me to leave the stock carbs alone on the 800 along with the stock airbox. How many hours do you have on your engine and what compression do you have that necessitates the the top end rebuild?

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