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    2010 RXPX mods how does this sound

    Hey guys, Just following up from my last thread, with all the info I have recieved I have 2 options.
    1 Is to go to les cooke here in VIC and get him to do my work

    The other option is ordering from here.
    Here is what I was thinking. . .

    Its time for a charger rebuild.

    I have an 8400 les cooke remap at the moment, and was thinking of keeping that and getting maximum power without going to a higher rev limit and messing around with valve train upgrades.

    How does this sound

    Riva Gen 3 Cooler
    Riva XX Charger
    Fizzle 4" Intake
    R&D Intake grate
    Opas removal Kit

    Question is do I also need the Vtech map tuner and credit if i go with the following?
    And am I going to get a noticeable performance increase going with the XX charger without going to an 8650 tune?

    My other option is to take it to les cooke and do the following

    8650 Computer
    Valve retainers (or possibly leave current 8400 computer depending on performace gains)
    4" Air intake
    Opas removal
    A KIT X wheel in my charger 12lb boost

    Just not sure what im going to get the best gains from?
    My ski is booked in with les this week but I am currently confused. I have heard of alot of les's B and C kits blowing up which is why I am hesitant to go with them

    Any help would be appreciated guys

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    The current tune probably won't support the fueling for the bigger charger even if you wanted to keep it under 8400

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    You could really get excellent support from Vtech locally if you purchase through GH anyway.

    Fairly often I've had to repair other "tuners" work here, especially on the newer skis with the bosch ecu is where some other tuners really lack proficiency.

    If you want your engines to last, you should give vtech a go. We've got a proven online record, where we can't hide from "bad press". If you want to do it properly and actually LOG your tune using a standard ecu, the VTECH logger is the best choice and peace of mind.

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