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    How long should a GP800r engine run without a rebuild?

    I just bought an 04 with 114 hours and it has 128 psi in both cylinders cold. I borescoped it and the cylinder walls look pristine and the power valves are happy in their slots with no evidence of issues. I plan to rebuild the carbs, add the new style power valve pivot blocks if it doesn't have them, check the oil lines (the 04's have metal clamps), replace filters and clean and flush out oil and gas tanks to start fresh.

    Last fall I rebuilt an 01 gp800r for a guy and fell in love with the hull and setup but I don't really want to go through the trouble of rebuilding mine until it makes sense. I realize that the ski is ten years old at this point but from what it looks like, it was treated well. The goal is to have a dependable ski without attempting to get more speed out of it and have it as the second ski for the wife kids and friends to ride. I got it for cheap but spending another 800 in parts doesn't seem too economical.

    I will have the exhaust off of it to get to the carbs and could easily yank the cylinders and put new rings in it but with the compression it shows, that is about the same as a the rebuilt one I just did. Do the 800's lose crank seals often with this amount of hours? If they do, I can go through it and replace all of the seals, check everything and I guess put new rings on the existing pistons and cylinders but is this a waste if the machine runs well?

    I am hoping someone who has seen 200 hours on one can give me advice on the best approach. I have not had the chance to run the ski in the water as it is about 35 degrees here in NC and will be a month or two before a wet suit makes any sense. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Well there's about 165 hours on my 1300r and I'm right around the same compression which I know for the 1300 is just right. I wouldn't waste the money.

    Properly maintained you can get hundreds of hours out of these skis.

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    I've got a 05 800 with over 240 hours still runs strong as day was new. I take really good care of it and always coat everything with corrosion block after use. I ran stock oil pump till about 150 hours which got there within 2 years. Then premix from then on till now. As long as you got oil and carbs are tuned right motor should get lots of hours without a problem. Oh and as you stated make sure clips on the power valves are good and upgrade them your good. I changed mine at like 30 hours I think and never has a problem.

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    Not the same ski, but my waveblaster has hundreds upon hundred of hours on the original motor (1994), and half of those were with a aftermarket pipe and carb. Until it fails the yearly compression test, im not concerned. Just pull the plugs on it after every run or so and make sure its still running right. Keep good oil and fuel in it and take care of it, and these things run forever. Any everyone has there opinion, but I say pull the oil injection off, its a real good way to blow up a otherwise good engine.

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    With proper maintenance and fixing the factory screw-ups (like pv keepers) it should go 250 or more hours on a topend and 400+ on a crank. These are my guesstimated numbers from a few hundred machines I've worked on. I find these numbers to be sort of rule of thumb based on wear of the cylinders and bearing life.

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