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    Buying a 2002 fx140 what should I look for?

    Hi peeps new to this, what should I look for when buying? It's only done 79.2hrs it's a 2002 model
    any help or advise would be much appreciated
    Thanks Ben

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    Condition, corrosion, cosmetics and cost. Basically the first year of the Yamaha 4 stroke. Make sure the display functions, all cables for trim, reverse and steering are free, and that the ski runs smoothly on a water test. Ask about service and any repair history. I personally don't like skis that have been recently repaired and then up for sale, so look around engine bay for sings of repair like oil, greasy hand prints, marked bolts and lines not properly secured. Check the hull and underside for chips and exposed fiberglass. Normal wear is acceptable, but a ragged hull means a dogged out ski. Ask the owner what they did for after ride care. I personally have a 3 strike rule with any engine issues being 2 strikes. If it has more than 3 strikes, I'd walk.

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    All of leejax's comments are valid. Check the color of the oil. It should have been changed every 50 hours or less. If it is black and not very clean, find out whan the last time it was changed. Check compression with a reliable gauge. Should be above 175 psi even across all four. Crawl underneath and shine a light from the nozzle forward to see how much gap is in between the impeller and the housing. Should be no more than a fat credit card thickness. Look for dings on the leading edges. Be sure to start the ski when it is cold. (make sure the owner does not warm it up in advance). That way you can see what it does when you start it if it shows smoke, stay away from this one. Also when running them on the trailer, never start the hose without the engine running. Unlike earlier two strokes, these will fill with water and be destroyed in seconds if you do this out of order. This is a very enjoyable ski. Mine had 250 hrs on it when I got it and I put another 100 on it before selling it for more than I paid for it.

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    That ski is a ticking time bomb. 79 guess, is for all those hours it was probably ridden pretty hard. Not that there is anything really against that...but it got ridden, then sat a looooooong time or was used quite infrequently. Did it get properly put away, did it get vented, was the battery removed, fuel drained, all water removed? Corrosion in the wire harness, corroded bolts and nuts, electronics and mechanical parts dont sit well for a long period of time. Gaskets, seals, , oils, o rings, capacitors, resistors, servos, diodes and various other ic components all break down over time. So when you see those low hour old skis, you have to really step back and look at the reasons that led to it..and start to try and imagine its life. Now maybe you know the person real well and know the full (legit) history of this ski and it might have been cleaned with a toothbrush every month. One thing i can say, you are taking a gamble with this old of a ski....

    give us some information about it, where did you find it, who are you, where are you from, how much is he asking?? we need more details please. What kind of ski are you looking for and why is this the only ski you have presented us? when looking at skis you should at least have a handfull of choices that way you dont limit yourself and your options.

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