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    emm can wash or cool?

    hi, I wanted to know if anyone has ever tried to do a wash inside of emm, thus reducing the salt deposits that are formed within the same, favoring cooling. or I wonder if anyone has ever tried to add an additional air-cooling fan to the emm type or another. Thank you for the answers.

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    Inside the EMM? You mean clean out the water cooling channel?

    It is a simple straight water tube that goes through the EMM metal casting. In one side and out the other. You should be able to see right through from one water hose fitting to the other.
    If there are deposits clogging the inside of the EMM water channel then you can clean them out.

    The entire Ficht EMM electronics are completely sealed and potted in a gel sealant. If you remove the two outside covers you can certainly rinse it down with clean water.

    Be careful not to break the screws that hold the covers. SS screws and aluminum EMM housing.

    Do not pick at or peel the gel sealant layers. It is quite soft and will tear if you abuse it.

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    Non pensavo che il tubo dell'acqua di raffreddamento di passare solo di sfuggita, ho pensato che la zona contenente acqua era più grande

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    I did not think that the cooling water pipe to pass only in passing, I thought that the area containing water was larger

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