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    550SX Explanation Please

    Hi folks I am looking for some help in understanding the 550SX model. Mine is a 1994 550SX. Is it classified by Kawasaki as a JS550 SX? Or....
    Is there a 1994 JS550 model and also a 1994 550SX model and they are different units? I am new to this and trying to locate a manual on
    Ebay. I can't seem to find the right one for my 550SX but see options for a JS550. Sorry, I am just trying to clarify.
    Thanks. Keith

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    The js550 was a piston port engine no reeds. The 550sx is a reed engine. Along with a better carb. Go to they have a bible on this ski which could answer all your questions.

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    Also look around its specifically for stand ups. Tons of info, nice friendly website. owner of it is a greenhulk member also

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    Quote Originally Posted by turboman412 View Post
    The js550 was a piston port engine no reeds. The 550sx is a reed engine.
    Not 100% correct.

    The two letters "JS" prefix is used by Kawi on ALL of their standup skis from their 1970's 300 cc standup to 2000+ 800 SXR standup. JS has NOTHING to do with either engine or exhaust valve setup. It's just a prefix code for single person carrying Kawi standup ski.

    Here is more info on Kawi's prefixes for their skis:

    JH is for 2 people capacity skis, such as JH1100 for 1100 ZXi, JH900 for 900ZXi, JH750 for 750ZXi, etc.

    JT is for 3 people capacity skis, such as JT1100 for 1100 STX, JT1500 for 15-F, etc.

    These prefixes are not used for general public though. It's more like a factory code mainly for Kawi and their dealers use.

    The suffix SX (as in 550SX) is for general public publication (as on advertisement, catalongs, etc), and YES it is true that 550 standup skis with SX had the reed valve engine setup (started in 1991 for the 550). But again SX has nothing to do with reed valve engine setup.... because even non-reed valve engine skis had the SX suffix such as JS300.

    For the OP, as long as you get any Kawi 550SX service manual that's made for 1991-1995, it would be just fine. There was only one 550 standup model (called "C" series, the 1994 is called JS550C4) each year made by Kawi during that time and they are all mechanically the same with following spec:
    41 hp and 38 ft-lbs
    368 lbs thurst
    75 x 60 mm Bore & Stroke
    Keihin CDK-II 38 carb with 32 mm venturi
    251 lbs dry weight

    By that time Kawi was investing more on their bigger/faster 750 series and they didn't change a bit on the 550 other than C&G. And they finally stopped the 550 production in 1995 (last model year).
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  5. #5 - this one covers evrything with a piston port motor. some sx models had piston port motors. it wasnt untill 92 i believe that kawasaki switched all 550sx to reed inducted motors. your is definitely a reed if its a 94. try here to - i would get both manuals.

    this one will cover everything about the ski except the reed engine -

    this one will cover the reed engine but not so much about the hull -

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