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    Talking What do you think

    Well I went over to my friends house today and he asked me if I wanted to buy his jet ski.WEll Let me tell you about it its a 2005 Kawasaki Stx15-F(Garage KEPT) Washed and dryed after every run with only 25hrs and this cost is with a trailer cover and ext warranty I think? and two life jackets for $8000 dO YOU THINK THAT IS A GOOD DEAL? OR am i getting a deal what do you think? why he is getting rid of it for is because of a new boat purchase and just had a new born baby girl? so Should I get it or what? and if i get it what kind of mods should I get for it thanx


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    Sounds like a fair deal to me. I paid 10,700 otd for my setup minus life jackets and no warranty. It's a good ski, very well rounded and reliable. Simple mods like ride plate, impeller, and air filter really wake it up. We should have several in the 68 mph+ range this year with bolt ons.

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    yup deffinately a good ski. last season i had an average of 69.2 gps on my bolt on ski. this year i hope to break the 70 mph average.

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    Cool question

    hey racinggtrx what kind of bolt ons did you do to get 70 the rpm kit or what? Has anyone put a rpm kit a a 15f ski?

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    yes ive fitted the riva RPM kit and it was well worth the money
    just got my ride plate this week so im dyin to test it out
    got the gps reading 64.1mph regularly now got a 65mph once so i hope to get a couple of mph out of the ride plate
    the ski was 61.5 constant when standard so i would say the rpm kit is a good buy and its quite easy to fit

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    last season i was running my intake(a different coldair-like design which currently im working the bugs out of), my exhaust w/custom primary mods and removed secondary, timing advanced 4',R&D ride plate with custom mods,14/21 impeller, ported/polished intake runners,custom intake spacer, jb welded the bolt holes,moddified stock sponsons, sythetic oil,1/3 tank of 89 octane

    water temp- 64-67
    air temp-87'
    location- small lake,max depth 45-50ft, glass- 1ft water condions,light to no wind.

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    elevation 300 ft above sea level

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