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    thinking about buying this gp1200, should i be worried about....

    i found this gp1200 for sale on craigs. looks to be in good condition from the pics compaired to the other ones i have seen. i am worried about the a couple things. in the ad he says it has a high flow exhaust, and aftermarket air intakes/filters. what exactly is high flow? tripple pipes? and when you add different air filters dont you have to tune your carbs accordingly? i remember reading on here that people get new filters and have issues with it because they didnt tune the carbs? am i wrong? i ask because in the ad he say he bought it last summer and only rode it once. leaving me to think something is fishy. i want to atleast look at it and run a compression test..what do you think?? btw this is would be my first ski.......

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    I think the seller means by high flow "free flow", that's an open exhaust without the silencer.
    The carbs should be rejetted with after market flame arrestors but that's hard to tell by looking at the ski.
    I suggest ride it and if it feels good buy it

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