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Thread: RXTX Seat Leak

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    RXTX Seat Leak

    Have a 2010 RXTX and the seat seems to allow water into thee engine bay. Anyone else have this prob?

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    My 2011 Leaks aswell, i think they all do, seadoo should have done something to prevent this when they were built, its not cool when salt water is dumping all over the engine

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    It's common. You can probably add some thick rubber gasket to solve the issue. But i haven't looked into doing it yet.
    Yeah salt crap on the motor isn't cool.

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    you think the brp engineers actually care if you dump water on the motor...LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by crueldude View Post
    Have a 2010 RXTX and the seat seems to allow water into thee engine bay. Anyone else have this prob?
    They all do. Carbon seal/alignment & rear access panels are the main source.

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    I usually wash my ski inside and out after every ride. And pre ride I hose down the engine bay and under the access panels with XPS lube. I've completely subbed my '08 so deep my bud couldn't even see my head and the engine bay stayed water tight. On my TX I've also noticed when washing water gets in through the handle bar assembly. Oh well. I'll have a shiny new engine soon and my cleaning and engine bay fogging will keep it clean.

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    Don't they leak from the small holes they have under the seat? If this is the case ( as my 2007 rxt) I sealed them with hot glue...! I prefer to change the foam of my seat due to moisture than change engine for the same reason...!

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    my 09 RXT-X loves to let the water in when i'm in the chop. i think most of it is coming through the front from the bucked not sealing to well with hull and hood.

    i wouldn't stress about it to much unless its nearly sinking.

    don't forget if you seal the hull up to much you wont get enough air flow for the motor to run porpery. as it is mine draws the seat padding down under boost

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    You just need to clean after every ride which is what you should do anyway. I used the xps spray and it is crap I now use lanotec and salt just rinses off

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    I just had my head gasket done and took it for its first ride with the seat off to make sure all hoses were connected and no leaks . What i found was the clear hoses that go to the drain plugs connect to two yellow plastic elbow joints .. At the elbow is a hole that sprays water towards the back of the hull. Anyone else noticed this ?

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