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    Houston shop to buy PWC Gear

    Any advice on the best place, that has the largest selection of PWC gear... in stock. One stop shop?

    I would like to try on gear and I would rather not guess my size as I gotz a beer belly.

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    Hi Blackfly .... and welcome to the hulk. I have the tummy tom tom @ 6 ' & 210 lbs. I found that it is very important to try on PFD's and wet suits if you choose one. The Jet Pilot APEX side-entry does not work well for big bellies like me. It is mainly a "sandwich-board" style and just to short in length. The longer well made full length front zipper type work very well. You said you were going Yamaha, They make some very hi-end well fitting styles .... and of course have the Big Yamaha Logos If you can try some items on .... remeber, you then can go on line and save a substanial amount of $$ by order directly. Good Luck

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