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    2007 RXP Burning Oil

    I have a 20007 RXP that is consuming oil at a very fast rate. You can see the oil being burnt through the exhaust as it smokes way more than any 2 stroke. You run the thing at idle for 2 minutes and the low oil pressure alarm is coming on. I have also noticed a lot of unburnt oil in the intake. Any ideas? maybe the supercharger oil seal has gone bad? I am just not sure if this would cause the oil to be burnt so quickly.

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    I forgot to mention that there was a good amount of fresh oil in the vent valve coming off of the head going back into the intake.

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    Sounds like you have way too much blow-by from bad rings.
    This also happens when a air filter is completely clogged.

    Check compression and go from there.
    If the compression test fails, then do a leak down test, so you know what your failed
    component is.

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    Are you using the correct oil?? The wrong weight oils tend to be an issue.
    What type and weight oil are you using?

    How many hours on the ski?

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    Compression was 150, 155, 150.

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    sounds to me like you have a piston that's damaged causing blowby

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    How many hrs?

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    Using the Sea Doo 4 stroke summer blend. Unit has 187 hrs.
    Going to check the airbox in a few

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    Those are good #s but they could be incorrect due to the oil in the cylinders.
    Oil in the cylinders are going to give you higher #s.

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