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    never wet

    Maybe this has been covered, god knows I've seen a ton of rain x threads, but has anyone tried rustoleum's never wet spray on the bottom of a hull yet? I would but I'm scared lol

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    Skyline2962, where did you get VF3 reeds? I can't seem to find them.

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    Im new. What do people do with rain x?

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    The coating would rub off very quickly. Its a milky white coating thats pretty easy to see, it's funny they advertise it on clothing, but yet the tell you NOT to spray clothing with it. The compound has been around for decades tho, they are finally giving us civilians access to it..

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    Been there...done that. With rideplates and bottoms of the skis. Testing on glass with one rideplate coated and the other not. No gains. Bottom of the hull...couldn't really tell if it was because of lower fuel or change inovercast, but there was neglible difference. I think the mental aspect of it made me think there might be some gain..check the tac/gps and quickness app on gps. Nope. Nothin' worth writing home to.

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