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    2013 Ultra LX OTD Price

    As some of you know, I've been leaning pretty heavy towards the 2014 STX.

    I'm the interim, I have spent countless of hours reading up on Kawi, researching pros and cons, and checking prices. I've come across a non current 2013 Ultra LX in the US. The dealer is asking $6999 + trailer, freight and prep = $8,500 out the door! Seems like a really good price...

    now I need to convert this to CDN dollars and bring it back and pay 13% at the border. Not to mention I need to drive about 9 hrs each way, and my warranty gets void brining it back to Canada.

    when it's all said and done it will cost me about the same as my STX will in Canada, but I lose the warranty.

    what to do, what to many decisions LOL....

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    Completely depends on what you want from your ski. Nothing is similar about the use of these two hulls. My opinion the LX is a great recreational ski. The STX has better performance and playfulness. Everything else the LX is the better ski.

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    thats a good price

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    Wow.. thats even better than i got on my new 13 in January.

    wait.mine included tax..

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