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    gp1200r strange idling problem

    I have a 2001 gp1200r. Perfect compression.
    Carbs have been fully rebuilt.
    Leak test motor all good there.

    Problem is while running on the trailer if I set the idle at 1250 rpm. Idle is smooth. If I then rev the engine th idle will remain at approx 2500 rpm and remain there for ages before dropping back to 1250.
    Sometime it will not return to idle and I then have to adjust the idle screw.
    I have triple checked everything and cannot find the problem. My suspicion was an air leak but there is no leak.
    One thing I did notice is the stock air box is oily, as if the reeds were leaking and allowing blow back.
    Anyone have an insight as to what is the problem. Bit stumped to be honest

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    when running these skis on the trailer the exhaust system does not have the same amount of water back pressure as when the pump water is in the exhaust. Even if you are using a flush kit. Trailer tuning is useless. Befor you change too many things chasing this idle problem test it in the water first, Tommy Jordan

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    Set idle in water at 1100-1200 when loaded up. Usually works out to 1600 on the trailer/hose. 2500 is probably ok cause the low circuit is a bit lean on these stock carbs. As long as the motor is not running away no worries.

    if you did have any air leaks if suspect around the reed cages.

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    Possibly check the throttle cable and linkage near the carbs for proper adjustment. On mine the cable needed to be adjusted so that the butterflies would close all the way. Also had an issue with a sticky butterfly shaft on one of the carbs which prevented ski from immediately going back to idle speed once I let off the throttle. michael

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    Did putting the ski in the water ever resolve this issue? I have an XL1200 with what sounds to be the identical problem.

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